What We Do


GYW place to learn and grow together

Economic strengthening-FREE GIRLS CLUBS

GLS aims to help Girls and Young Women develop soft skills to enhance their employability, income generation, financial resilience, and economic empowerment. They are building an entrepreneurial movement advocating for their economic freedoms and rights against patriarchal structures, which hinder their attainment of positive educational and health outcomes, including financial independence.

Our Operations

Economic strengthening The FREE GIRLS CLUBS

16 GYW initiated individual accounts, while GLS supported two GYW-led groups to open group accounts , enabling 80 aged 14-25 to start group VLSA, with startup capital and access to financial services.

Linking childcare to Economic Justice -The Care World Programme

GLS is pirioting the Care World Program to address gender inequities in the labor market by curating informal childcare units in informal settings, focusing on providing childcare and protection for women working in informal or formal settings.

Movement Building - Leadership & Advocacy training

Our annual leadership & advocacy training programme boasts of over 112 girls & young women how have been trained in leadership and advocacy with focus on increasing their participation I n decision making processes at all levels, and gender transformation.

Organizational development

As an Organization, we desire to strengthen our capacity in both governance and programme implementation. We continuously provide and seek opportunities that improve board and staff to efficiently and effectively manage the organization and programs.

GLS places great importance on assisting teenage mothers in their pursuit of dreams and education. However, this objective can only be realized if there is proper provision for child care.

May our future be filled with happiness and may we strive to provide education to every girl. It is imperative that we do not leave any girl child behind, as educating them is crucial for empowering our nation.”

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Kisakye Brenda

GLS Advocate

“As the present generation of women, we are witnessing the unprecedented impacts of climate change, and it is our duty to respond as we are the caretakers of our nation. The pressing nature of the climate emergency is clear, and despite the challenges we face, we still possess the chance to shift the balance in our favor” 


Auma Olivia

GLS Advocate

There’s no greater pillar of stability than a strong, free, and educated woman.” – Anjelina Jolie