team players

 Our  team of young advocates-female and male allies are behind everything we do.Talented,bold and driven to contribute to sustainable development goals we care about                                                                                      

Meet the Team

At the heart of our mission are our female leaders and male allies, who tirelessly work towards a common goal. Their multidisciplinary backgrounds, unwavering passion, exceptional talent, and relentless drive enable us to extend our reach and empower countless women and girls , ensuring their rights are upheld and fulfilled.

Natalie Kimbugwe

GLS Patron

“We need to establish authentic moral principles for ourselves and our children that are not only good and robust, but also appealing. Achieving this is indeed possible.

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Harriet karen Mukajjamb

GLS Executive Director

“Our words have immense power and can inspire the next generation. We should be intentional in using them to encourage our children, as they can shape their future dreams and even emulate our own. Recognize the power we wield and use it to uplift and inspire the next generation.”

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Muganzi Bruno

GLS Financial Officer

“Financial literacy is a matter that necessitates our attention as numerous individuals are not effectively managing their finances for educational pursuits, healthcare expenses, and retirement planning.”

Paul Kibirige

GLS Administrator

“Mental health challenges do not ascertain your true essence. They are mere encounters you undergo. Just as you stroll amidst a gentle rain, you may feel its touch, yet it is crucial to remember that you are not the rain itself.”