Global Learning for Sustainability

GLS is a girls’ and young women ,  youth-led Organization founded in 2015   to respond to the growing number of youth whose inability to develop life skills is the major cause of challenges they face. At the height of poor life skills youth cannot address their challenges, some, beyond their control-and yet others are directly under their control.  GLS  is  registered with Uganda N.G.O service bureau as a local N.G.O with a charity status .

Diversity & Inclusion strategies

Our Mission

To support and ensure that young women and girls have opportunities to acquire global skills, learn from one another, and work together to solve common global challenges

Our Vision

A generation skilled to lead individual, community and global change

Our Core Values

principles of central importance to our organization


Global Learning for Sustainability(GLS) Uganda seeks new ways to achieve our objectives to generate extraordinary results by creatively finding solutions to growth and development.


GLS seeks to provide relevant and timely youth services that reflect our commitment to empower our clients to be global citizens.

Team work

A principle that leads to achievement of organizational goals and objectives both short and long term. A such GLS enjoys working as a team through strategic partnerships and volunteerism in all our activities.

Equality & Equity:

As a women-led organisation, we promote and advocate for gender responsive programmes that ensure that all people have the right to be treated in a non-discriminatory and non-judgemental manner.