Global Learning for Sustainability is a youth, and young women-led Organization that was founded in 2015 as a life skills education Programme and registered as N.G.O with a charity status in 2018. GLS later redefined its strategy to focus on SDGs 4, 5 & 13

A world where youth are empowered to drive sustainable development and contribute to a just and equitable global society

To impart leadership and lifelong learning skills among girls & young women, boys and men for attainment of economic opportunities through transformation of social norms and combating climate change a

Innovation & ExcellenceCom Team WorkEquality & Equity :

Our annual leadership & advocacy training programme boasts of over 112 girls & young women who have been trained in leadership and advocacy with focus on increasing their participation in decision making processes at all levels, and gender transformation,GLS through movement building targets groups of Girls & Young Women taking actions on sustainable challenges namely:EducationEconomic Empowerment /JusticeClimate ChangeLeadership & Advocacy

• TrainingGlobal Learning for Sustainability (GLS) is an implementing partner of the She leads Programme- a gender transformative programme with presence in 9 African Countries in an alliance of international organizations in Uganda: Terre des Hommes Netherlands, Plan International, and FEMNET in partnership with 7 country level local Organizations trained in leadership and advocacy60+60+ boys and men engaged in dialogues aimed at transforming gender norms20+Media engagements (online and Traditional) held

GLS supports Girls & Young Women/mothers to develop soft skills that complement both their employability & or income generation and strengthen their financial resilience and economic empowerment.To sustain this GLS is building an entrepreneurial movement of Girls and Young Women (GYW) advocating for their economic freedoms and rights to rise against patriarchal structures that oppress and inhibit GYW economic participation. Lack of economic freedoms and poor access to economic opportunities is one of the barriers to Girls and women’s attainment of positive educational and health outcomes, including financial independence. As Such GLS has successfully supported Girls and Young Women to start and register FREE GIRLS CLUBS as community Based Organizations in the districts of Wakiso and Kampala to advance their social and economic rights.16+GYW supported to open their individuali accounts22 Group accounts opened for OYw-lest groups80+GTW aged 14-25 supported initiate ViSLAs in their coLSrengthening Financial Resilience onomic Empowerment (FREE) For&Y WomeEcuSee link to part of the testimonies from the GYW participants:

Childcare plays an essential role in supporting the employment of workers, and particularly women who continue to carry the primary responsibility for childcare in most societies. The lack of childcare support undermines women’s/Girls’ employment and steers women into the poorly paid, poorly protected informal economy.GLS is curating informal childcare units in informal settings as a tool to reduce gender inequalities in labor market by treating child care as a basic necessity for women in informal or formal employment. Through the pilot project dabbed Care World Programme, GLS seeks to work with different stakeholders recognizing that providing child care & protection is a basic necessity for expanding women’s employment opportunities and enabling them to shift from informal economic activity to formal economic activity. The Programme is part of the lessons from Connecting Girls project supported by Women Win Under the FREE Fund to strengthen financial & economic resilience of Girls and Young Women affects by covid-19 and the experiences shared by Adolescent Young Mothers under the She Leads Programmes.See links to some of the being piloted to address Childcare needs of young women through of voluntary childcare services to women/girls from low income communi- ties: and hbnnoZ8QOL5xIIRnR06WVXKkg/view?usp=drivesdk

As an Organization, we desire to strengthen our capacity in both governance and programme implementation. We continuously provide and seek oppor- tunities improve board and staff to efficiently and effectively manage he organization and programs.Our ApproachWe believe that structural changes happen when we work with the entire ecosystem that is part of the problem. We intentionally work with Families, communities and formal and informal institutions as support systems and allies where change must be affected.We work in partnership with other civil society organizations-women Rights, Feminist groups, Girls & Young Women-led/youth-led, and child-Rights Organizations to reach more Girls & youth in generalWe identify Girls and young women that have experienced intersectional- Ity of discrimination at various levels, and provide safe spaces where they can share their stories which they use as powerful tools to effect change.In our next strategy we shall invest in movement building tactics to work with more Girls & Young women, make formidable partnership with like-minded CSOs and allies to delivery our mandate in the key result areas namely: Education to promote lifelong learning opportuni- ties, Economic justice & Climate change action, exploitation and strengthen communities to address impact of climate change an vulnerable groups6/8FUTURE PLANSSustainabilityGLS has established FREE GIRLS CLUBS whose goal is to create an Entrepreneurial movement of Girls and young women from socially and economically marginalized communities working to advance their social and economic rights by leveraging on collective marketing. enterprise and investments.

GLS has established FREE GIRLS CLUBS whose goal is to create an Entrepreneurial movement of Girls and young women from socially and economically marginalized communities working to advance their social and economic rights by leveraging on collective marketing. enterprise and investments.Through FREE GIRLS CLUBS GLS boasts of the diverse membership that the clubs will bring having established various VSLAs led by Girls and young women(moth- ers) in target communities.Through FREE Girls Clubs GLS will establish an ECONOMIC JUSTICE CENTRE for Girls & Young Women (mothers) as a model Centre for Women & GIRLS Financial & Economic Inclusion (WGFEI). Through FREE Girls Clubs GLS hopes to establish care cooperatives as tools to address gender constraints characterized by unpaid-care and domestic work largely performed by women and girls which is undervalued despite its value to the economy and society. The care coopera- tiveswill be used as spaces to work with global advocacy communities whose focus lies on women’s rights and economic justice from feminist perspectives. To visualize this GLS will build on its new strategic plan 2024-2029 to put a strong focus on strategic actions that will contribute to challenging current socio-eco- nomic systems of oppression and exploitation.